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Savannah Droughtmaster Stud-

Savannah Droughtmaster Stud-Performance And Class

Stud number 1223, Renner Springs Station is JBAS 7 status.

Our herd is fully Droughtmaster Accredited. It comprises both commercial and registered females with strong emphasis on traits that contribute to the profitability and sustainability of commercial beef production in hash conditions of Northern,Central and Western Australia. 

Savannah Droughtmaster Stud is located at Renner Springs Station. Our cattle are raised mostly on soft desert spinefex grass and  other native grasses. The quality Droughtmaster herd is about 95% polled.The cattle are very quiet, and are well handled on horses and bikes.

We are currently suffering the worst drought in over 27 years on the Barkley, our cows are showing why the Droughtmaster breed are a "real" cattleman's choice, as they show how tough they are at surviving under these trying conditions. The girls are actually grazing Bull Spinefex in the hills and are rearing their calves as well.

One of our 2017 joiner heifers 

When we choose our replacement heifers, they are picked on temperament and doing ability. After calving they are then assessed for milking and mothering ability. We aim for the sky in type and temperament, our cattle have to handle the tough Northern  Australian conditions. Females and bulls must be able to perform on grass, they have to perform in the Arid parts of Central Australia, on very large cattle properties. 

Above is a classic example of our home bred Droughtmasters at Savannah Droughtmaster Stud.They are good doers in a very dry climate

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